Bad Santa 2 15 Certificate

Running Time: 120mins

Billy Bob Thornton lets rip as the world's most depraved Santa in this disgracefully hilarious comedy sequel.

When diminutive Marcus (Tony Cox) gets out of jail, he wastes no time in tracking down his old partner-in-crime. Foul-mouthed, whisky-soaked sex addict Willie (Billy Bob Thornton) isn't exactly delighted to see him again. He's even less impressed by Marcus's plan to rob a charity run by the lovely Diane (Christina Hendricks). This could net them millions, but will require Willie to don his Santa outfit once again. To make matters worse, Marcus has a new associate. She turns out to be Willie's equally degenerate mother (Kathy Bates), whom he hasn't seen for 15 years. Rejoining the gang is chubby kid Thurman (Brett Kelly), who's now 21. Thirteen years after the first 'Bad Santa' shocked the world, 'Mean Girls' director Mark Waters is at the helm of this outrageous sequel that goes even further with its near-the-knuckle humour.


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